You are an Important Part of our Community!

For so many people, healing takes place in isolation. Many who seek our services are on a healing journey.  Whether your journey is long-term or to support the active life you lead, we feel that cultivating community takes the practices we offer and makes them connective rather than just reflective. We are all a part of the whole, and what we do matters in the world, not just inside the body.


Monthly Community Night

Let us be the host! We have community nights each month on the 3rd or 4th Wednesdays from 5:30 - 7 p.m.  These events are ALWAYS free to you as an important part of our community.  Each event is a little different and can range from documentaries to lectures to cooking classes!  Like us on Facebook or sign up for our newsletter below to keep up to date on our upcoming events!  Although these evenings are free, they have become very popular and we highly recommend signing up by calling the office at 906-251-0339 to hold your spot.  

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Upcoming Dates

November 14: Fascia: The Hidden World Beneath our Skin

Join Marc Weinrick, R.Ac of MQT Acupuncture and Bodywork for an evening of exploring the microscopic world of fascia. We will be viewing a film that details this previously overlooked connective tissue, which has recently been discovered to play a leading role in the function of our bodies. Find out more on our Facebook page here.

December 12: Community Appreciation & Holiday Party!

January 23, 2019: TBA

Ongoing Classes


Tai Chi

*On Hiatus until Septmeber 2018.

Taught by Marc Weinrick of MQT Acupuncture & Bodywork.  Tai Chi is a slow moving, graceful, and meditative martial art which has been shown to decrease pain, increase range of motion, balance, and coordination.  Fundamentally rooted in the Taoist philosophy, improves both mind and body.   Contact our office to sign up for a class. 

Monthly Fee: $50

Single Class: $15



Group Yoga Therapy

Lead by Dharmini of Coldwater Haven, LLC.  These yoga therapy sessions are not structured like a typical yoga class.  Each group of sessions are designed with specific symptoms or conditions in mind that may make it more difficult to participate in a yoga class.  To learn more about what is currently being offered give us a call.