Carolyn Provencher of Carolyn Provencher Acupuncture

Carolyn is an acupuncturist specializing in emotional health and chronic illness.  Carolyn utilizes acupuncture needles along with essential oils, moxa, and flower essences to access the body's own healing abilities. 

Her philosophy is based on the Taoist Five Elements and using the principles from the natural world around us to help heal our internal ecosystem. To find out more about Carolyn or to schedule an appointment, follow the link below


Hannah Rae Behrens of Cloverland Botanicals

Hannah Rae Behrens is a Clinical Herbalist. Through her experience and training in herbs, physiology, and health, Hannah is able to provide personalized herbal and nutritional strategies to reach optimum health and wellness.

Hannah focuses on what is realistic for you and your life, regardless of what that looks like. She believes everyone deserves the chance to walk the path toward wellness, regardless of their age, ability, illness, or life circumstances. To find out more about Hannah or to schedule an appointment, follow the link below.


Marc Weinrick of MQT Acupuncture and Bodywork

With more than ten years experience as an acupuncturist, bodyworker, and Tai Chi instructor, Marc has become dedicated to the moderation and relief of all pain related conditions, without the use of surgery or drugs. 

Every painful condition leaves a trail of clues to its origin. Marc will serve as your guide to discover the root cause of your dysfunction, and together we will find a lasting resolution as quickly as possible. To find out more about Marc or to schedule an appointment, follow the link below.